Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, Prince of Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. There were no social networks and you had to call friends on the landline to arrange a meeting.

Without doubt, the 90s have been a great time for style and we have now rediscovered many of the trends of that period. It’s true, fashion is cyclical and it returns roughly every 20 years but the 90s can hardly be forgotten and there are some “must-have items” that are always TOP! Let’s dive into the past: the following 4 looks show that some trends are still in vogue today… just as they were then!

1. High-waisted jeans

A true must in the 90s were definitely high-waisted jeans, as in the Beverly Hills 90210 show. From jeggings to ripped and skinny jeans to other variations such as the frayed: the high-waisted trousers are back in fashion. In particular in the 90s they were straight leg and light blue, better if worn with a t-shirt put inside and kept by a belt. A real current trend? The “mom jeans”, more adherent on the B side but soft on the legs, perfect to wear both with sneakers for a casual look or with a heeled shoe for a more sophisticated look.

2. The Crop Top

The uncovered belly was a must of the 90s: a trend launched by Madonna and followed by other celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and the legendary Spice Girls. Today it is often worn with pants or high waisted skirts so that only a small part of the abdomen can be seen – to be clear, the skin shown between the end of the top and the beginning of the skirt (or pants) must be two fingers maximum. Essential requirement? Tonic abs!

3. Wedge shoes

A super trend of the ’90s: wedges and everything that gave centimeters went great and nowadays various top brands re-propose the flatforms in a contemporary (and more delicate) key, inspired by the’ 90s models. In rubber, straw or cork, they are perfect for those who love comfort and do not want to give up the advantage of a little extra height.

4. Grunge Style, Leather Jackets and Choker

Grunge is a unisex style and very “urban”, a classic of the nineties. If at that time it was deliberately “shabby”, today this trend is completely revisited and made very chic and feminine. The accessories that must not be missing? Sunglasses with retro-style round lenses, minimal earrings and bracelets and the “choker” collar, the famous necklace in elastic velvet or in tattoo style plastic.
And you, what do you think of these 90s trends that came back? What is the one you love most?

Source: Altieri Confezioni