Comfortable (almost) like a pair of sneakers, they are the must-haves of the season and are matched with everything

Distinguishing signs: ultra-flat. But also ultra chic and without any doubts ultra versatile. Three adjectives to describe the most fashionable sandals of the moment, the slippers. Comfortable (almost) like a pair of sneakers, they are the best friends of long dresses, sheath dresses, formal trousers or simple jeans, and are wearable from morning to evening. Word of influencer and instagrammer, who show them off on social networks providing interesting ideas of style.

Plain enough – given the absence of the heel – the slippers are perfect for the sultry days in the city, but give the best of themselves on holiday: the small amount of space allows you to put them without stress in the hand baggage, also resolving the dilemma that we have to face every time we have to leave: “how many pairs of shoes to bring?”.

Dilemma solved, given the chameleon-like spirit of these flat shoes: essential or embellished with crystals and applications, monochromatic or multicolor, have nothing to envy to stilettos & Co. The important thing, ça va sans dire, is to choose the right model. Discover with us the coolest of the summer 2018.

From: Grazia