Holiday season is coming and we can’t be caught unprepared for the right outfit to wear. Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing day, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany: there are lots of occasions to get out, celebrate and, why not, show off a new look, elegant and chic.


Whether it is a formal dinner, a casual party or new year’s eve, in this special holiday season we can wear outfits that are unthinkable in any other moment of the year.


In addition to choosing the right look, it’s important to focus on accessories, especially on shoes. An ideal choice as a footwear for the holidays could be, for example, a furred sandal by Jeannot, in shades of red, silver or black. Very elegant models that can catch and express Christmas atmosphere at its best. To achieve an appreciable glamour effect, we suggest three outfits that go perfectly with these three shoes variants, which can inspire you for your festive looks. Imagine a large room, decorated with christmas stuff, a spruce that rises up towards the ceiling, lights, fireplace and sumptuously decked table: with such a location the outfit can only be refined. You could opt for a revisited classic, a red dress in lace. As a jacket, a black leather jacket, shiny on the front, paired with a black furred sandal with a platinum heel, made by Jeannot, and a black leather clutch.

For those who choose a silver furred sandal with a silver heel by Jeannot and prefer comfort, the best item of clothing is trousers. We recommend a cigarette grey model, high-waisted and up to the ankle, paired with a light, long sleeved sweater. Complete your look with a dark green coat with a slit on the back and a small green satchel.

The last outfit differs from the previous moods and it’s more casual. You can match red furred sandal with golden heel made by Jeannot with a dark jeans, long up to the ankle and a black satin top, with lace decorations on the neckline. To protect yourself from the cold, choose a light-colored wool cape, in shades of gray and beige, paired with a small red leather satchel.

Take inspiration from these three outfits and create your holiday season look!