Moonboot jeannot fw 19-20

The 2019 is not an ordinary year: fifty years ago man put his foot on the moon for the first time. Moon landing anniversary is certainly not an event that goes unnoticed, still imbued with the charm of legend.

Giancarlo Zanatta, founder of the Tecnica Group, historical equipment and sportswear company, drew inspiration from the boots worn by the astronauts during the legendary Apollo 11 expedition to design his Moon Boots, the first real après-ski boots in history.

In order to celebrate the incredible achievement and the boots named and designed after it, Jeannot’s autumn-winter 2019-2020 collection made room for moon boots and hiking boots, reinterpreted in a more chic and glamorous way to be suitable for a urban context, through the use of technical fabrics, colorful laces and animalier touches.

This is how hybrid and unique products come to life, combining technique, contemporary style and customization, embracing the innovation trend of Jeannot: a mix that will make the so-called urban trekkers pleased. “Fashion is for brave people”: this is the mantra that goes with most of the shoes of this collection.

Alessandro Porta, general manager of Jeannot, talks about it on Copertina Magazine, renowned magazine that has been focusing for 25 years on the Made in Italy excellence.