Jeannot is a family-owned Italian company that has been producing casual and sophisticated woman shoes for over 70 years. Our collections are the result of a constant search for new trends and the best fabrics. Quality, comfort and style combined with a deep respect for the environment and people make Jeannot a reliable and innovative company.


We believe in the value of quality, which we constantly feed with the power of innovation. We place the research for an unmistakable product in terms of comfort and style at the heart of our work.



Understanding customer needs and providing him with constant support are Jeannot’s prerogatives. The ability to build long-term relationships with its clients is synonymous with company seriousness and it allows not only to improve customer loyalty but also to promote brand image.


Aware that personal growth underpins company development, the company encourages the freedom of initiative of its employees, making them responsible and enhancing the talent of the individual in order to reach the common goal.


Sensitive to the issues of sustainable development and solidarity, Jeannot participated in an important project promoted by the non-profit organization Humana, aimed at financing the construction of schools in Malawi.


The company is particularly interested in secondary and university education. This is why it joined the training courses of school-work alternation and entered into agreements with the local Faculty of Economics and Engineering for the performance of internships.