Tropical city mood, architectural elements and a return to craftsmanship.

Jeannot is ready to experience one of the most anticipated events of the year: the launch of the new SS18 collection dedicated to modern, urban and refined women. A rich and versatile style designed to meet the needs of quality and comfort. Creativity results in a perfect match between modern technical solutions and Italian manufacturing tradition.

The new SS18 collection of woman’s shoes shows itself to the fans of the Apulian brand with the features of vitality and innovation, typically Made in Italy. The geometric vivacity of the shapes, the asymmetrical traits and the contemporary architectural inspiration stand out. The hi-lo effect is the guiding line of the season, which adds to the collection a touch of eccentricity, elegance and irony. Distinctive signs are also the attention to details and the refinement of the fabrics.

The glam-natural trend comes to light creating a captivating balance between craftsmanship and regal theme such as pearls, stones and floral motifs. Finally, colors are vibrant, from ocher to pure white, from organic green to pastel tones, and combinations of different materials such as raffia, satin, canvas and feathers are unexpected. It is a cosmopolitan and hyper feminine collection perfectly aligned with Jeannot’s style.