Classic vintage and retro influences reinterpreted according to contemporary style guidelines

Jeannot presents its F/W 17-18 woman shoes collection: an exciting fusion of trends. There is an indissoluble tie between Jeannot Company and the vitality wave of the 70s and 80s fashion. In fact, in those years the company launched the style that made the brand an appreciated name up until today in Italy and in the world.

As synonymous of quality and comfort in the name of the most renowned and original Made in Italy. Through F/W 17-18 woman shoes collection, today Jeannot celebrates those profitable years in terms of brand success thanks to concepts inspired by the artistic and graphic mood of the 70s and 80s. Obviously reinterpreted in a contemporary key

The main theme is classic vintage according to an utilitarian feel that fits the needs and the rhythms of modern life. Emphasis on the functional aspect without overlooking the shape. A perfect fusion of practicality, comfort and esthetics with an appealing and light taste. A further innovation is the adoption of details inspired by cosmopolitan style: large volumes, patches, chains and studs. Linear shapes are livened up by elements such as fur, velvet, embroideries and pearls, which give an interesting charming touch to every piece. There is a wide array of materials, such as tapestry, regal velvet, patents and colours.

From inky blue to evergreen, from metallic to wine, the result is a strong immediate impact where maximalism and minimalism merge perfectly. The melting pot of genres and trends of F/W 17-18 woman shoes collection is engaging. A strong emotional load in a product line with a retro vibe, at the same time essential and sophisticated. Vector of contents that give importance to the personality of modern woman.