Jeannot FW 19-20 collection is pure metropolitan movement. It is shopping through the aisles of a supermarket or the ups and downs on the escalators of a large shopping center, the stops and the restarts of the parking areas, with their boom barriers and the obliterator machines.

They are the everyday spaces of urban life, the places of passage and consumption, mobility and automation, in which sparkling metals and plastics, cement and mechanical components dominate. An electric quiver runs through the woman who is crossing them, ready to move with grit and determination to reach her destinations.

The dark charm of rubber and neoprene guides her, with colored laces and prints that provide sudden chromatic flashes. Exotic patterns make their way through the resins, while animalier texture, snake and crocodile prints reveal the wilder and sinuous side of femininity.

A touch of country spirit is inevitable. It is inspired by the dusty charm of the old American West, reinterpreting it in a modern key, with rodeo style influence and urban cowgirl looks in which suede and nubuck can express themselves in all their warm energy.