The company was founded in 1945 when Giovanni Porta decided to develop his first women shoes collection. In 1954, he participated to the International Footwear Exhibition in Florence, which allowed him to attract international customers. In 1956, he married Ms. Elisabetta who helped him to develop the company.

The 60’s and 70’s were characterized by a strong penetration in the markets of Europe, North America, Asian Countries as Hong Kong and Japan.

At the beginning of the 80’s, Giancarlo and Sandro, the sons of the founder, started to work in the company. They contributed to reposition their product, paying attention to fashion trends, but always remaining faithful to company features: confort and quality.

In the last years, huge investments were addressed to the building of the new seat, inaugurated in 2007 a modern factory, built on a 20.000 sq. m. ground, 6.500 sq. m. of which belong to the production department where 1.000 pairs of shoes a day are produced.

The whole production is made in the company’s plants, combining new technologies with traditional hand manufacturing, in order to protect the high handcrafted quality.

Family tradition and entrepreneurship are the baisis of Jeannot’s success, strong supporter of the “Made in Italy” philosophy, as essential element to face international challenges.